PDF Report Printing Via Microsoft Access VBA

Being professional Microsoft Access VBA Database Application Programmers, we have extensive on experience on developing/incorporating the many add-on features in any MS-Access based application, which can escalate your experience as well as business growth, and PDF Report Generation is one of them. Nearly all businesses produce reports either to look at summarized data themselves or for sending out to clients. To send out such data to outer world, Report is a very good tool for exchanging information and taking decisions/actions based on the information. And if the reports are in PDF Format (not printed on paper), that is what everyone expects in today’s eco-friendly (infect worried) environment.

PDF Report Printing
  • Auto Generating PDF Reports(in recent versions)
  • Integrating PDF Factory Pro in MS-Access 2000/2003 etc.
  • Integrating PDF Creator Plus in MS-Access 2000/2003 etc.
  • Merging Multiple PDF Reports into one Consolidated Report.
  • Emailing of PDF Reports right from Application.
  • Protecting and Stamping of PDF Reports.
  • Page Numbering of PDF Reports.

We cater all kind of needs related to production of PDF Reports through Access based applications. Whether it is just the automatic generation of PDF Report, or merging many into one, or page numbering of such report or stamping/signing of such report, or water-marking of contents, we are here to serve you. We can also automate attachment of produced reports, or emailing of such reports. What you accomplish out of this is development/maintenance of your image being a professional business house.

Using MS Access inbuilt Feature

PDF Report Printing using MS Access inbuilt Feature

PDF Report Printing using MS Access inbuilt Feature is the todays demand and thanks to Microsoft for adding this feature in all Office applications. Why programming is required for PDF Report Printing using MS Access inbuilt Feature if everything is inbuilt. Programming is required to get the automatic printing of report, getting them attached and emailed. Further, programming is required to get the reports printed which are stored in external application.

Programming is required to merge the multiple reports onto single report so that consolidated report can be emailed to clients. And we have mastered on all such requirements related to PDF Report Printing using MS Access inbuilt Feature. We have extensive experience in getting these features developed, and integrated with ease.

Using third party softcopy printers

PDF Report Printing using third party softcopy printers

Though the requirement for developing Access Application having PDF Report Printing using third party softcopy printers have reduced a lot but still many classic applications are still running on MS Access 2000 or 2003 platform either because they are not upgraded or made compatible with Access 2007/2010/2013 etc. or business do not want to use new MS Access (not even runtime) for any reason. If you have any constraint to stick with Access 2000/2003 to run an Access based application and want to generate PDFs, then the way out is usage of 3rd party tools called as softcopy printers. These PDF Report Printers gets installed as a printer. To use them in Access Application, we set them as default printer programmatically, just during printing the report, and then send the print command to the default printer.

Todays 3rd party soft copy printers are no more the raw PDF Printers but are also providing functionalities like page numbering, stamping, water-marking, securing PFD, merging multiple PDFs etc. so that they can stay as winners of the market. We have expertise in adding PDF report printing through such softcopy printers like PDF Factory Pro, and PDF Creator etc. We suggest PDF Creator because it is free to use and is best in its class.

PDF Factory

We suggest PDF Factory Pro as it is professionally developed and works in terminal server environment too. For many developers, incorporating PDF Factory Pro in MS Access based application is not an easy job as it requires Windows-Registry-Programming but we have expertise into this domain and we can deliver reliable solutions for printing PDF Reports using PDF Factory Pro. We also have capability in managing multiple printers and choosing one or setting one as default. We can also program server version of PDF-Factory Pro and can dynamically set its properties as desired.