Customized ERP Development

It is not just the know-how of software technology to get the best ERP Systems developed but also needs an insight into how business works to get a proper ERP Software System developed which has clear capabilities to address all business issues properly. ERP Makers have worked with more than 400+ businesses all across the world belonging to different industries/sectors and have understood their common factors and their uniqueness so that they get the best software solution. Here is a list of industries/sectors for which we have developed Customized ERP Systems.

customized erp development industries
  • Earthworks, Building Construction, Road Construction, and Maintenance.
  • Real Estate Sale/Purchase, Residential/Commercial Renting,
  • Renting Inventory Tracking, and Contracts for Renting.
  • Event Management and Catering Service.
  • Agricultural Property Management and Land Scaping.
  • Plant Nursery, Forests, and their production/preservation.
  • Wood-Work, Steel Fabrication, and Other Workshops Management.
  • Engineering, Instrumentation, Research, Surveys, and Analysis
  • Mechanical Engineering, and Production Business Management.
  • Precise Manufacturing for Aeronautical Engineering Workshops.
  • Surface Transportation, and Fleet Maintenance.
  • Chemical and Environmental Engineering/Testing.
  • Insurance, Leasing, Finance, Banking, and Foreign Exchange.
  • Church, Prayers, and Religious Event Management.
  • Training Institutes, Student, Trainer, and Course Management.
  • Security Systems, Automated Detection/Alarms/Notifications.
  • Hospitals and Rehabilitation Center Management.

Team of engineers with Strong business acumen

It is not just the know-how of software technology to get the best ERP Systems developed but also needs an insight into how business works to get a proper ERP Software System developed which has clear capabilities to address all business issues properly. ERP Makers have worked with more than 400+ businesses all across the world belonging to different industries/sectors and have understood their common factors and their uniqueness so that they get the best software solution addressing all their business needs.

Successful businesses always have some unique factors which give them an edge over their competitors. Same uniqueness you expect to be dealt with properly via your ERP software (which is usually not possible with standard/locked-down ERP solutions). Here we play the role and let your software address all your unique needs. With us, you get a tailor-made solution specific to your business that speaks your business’s language. All our endeavors revolve around the fulfillment of your single desire i.e. “Customized ERP for My Own Industry”.

team-of- microsoft-access-vba-engineers
  • Team of skilled engineers with a passion for automating business processes. Strong business acumen that helps in easy understanding of business problems and development of the proper solution for that.
  • Our aim is to invent complete software solutions not only for today but also for tomorrow so that people can live in a steady e-environment around them. Otherwise, software solution becomes an overhead and people keep on using manual processes along with automated ones, as a new option is not always complete/reliable.
  • For all our endeavors, it is our intent to generate maximum returns (via saving money/time and generating more quality/quantity) so that businesses & IT people can realize their true potential.
  • For every penny spent, we work hard to assure you ROI as well as IRR. We assure our clients their business success by way of refinement in business processes and saving/making money.
  • Businesses usually have a limited budget for their IT Infrastructure which should not be wasted on adventures leading to a failure because of wrong/over-commitments (unfortunately it happens in cases where vendors’ tendency is to get a project at any commitment). Regarding project budget, we always stay realistic so you know beforehand what it takes to reach the goals and whether the goal is realistically achievable with given constraints.
  • To safeguard money from being wasted on something undesired components, we always cut the project requirements into smaller pieces, work on smaller sets at one time, and make smaller deliveries. This way, we can take clients’ feedback at very early stages, which reduces the chances of money getting wasted over something undesired.
  • Uniformity among GUI, Coding Standard, Business Rules, and User Interaction Rules is something that defines professionalism, and we have a no-compromise policy in this regard. We ensure this uniformity even when multiple programmers with different thought processes work on the same project at different times. We consider reports to be the face of any business/company and strive hard to make sure that there is no uniformity gap among different reports.
  • In businesses where document formats change frequently, the system is designed with the facility to consume Word-Templates having smart tags, which are parsed dynamically, and report outputs are generated in the form of DOCX/PDF so that end content can be preserved with the record.
  • Generates periodic performance reports showing various KPIs on daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly bases for better comparison of business performance with the past. Transforms such data in the form of graphs too so as to have an easy understanding of business.
  • Thorough knowledge of financial accounting and bookkeeping. Developed software solutions having financial accounting features like Accounting Ledgers, Journal Voucher Entries, Opening/Closing Balances, Trial Balances, Profit & Loss accounts, and Balance Sheets.
  • Strong hold on inventory management, control on pilferage, procurement automaton, production process scheduling, maintenance of fixed assets, marketing & sales, packing & delivery, invoices & recovery of credit, etc.
  • Expertise in special features like development of the application’s Mobile Interface, Scanning of documents, Barcode Printing/Scanning, Printing Receipts on Thermal Printer, Login into the application through Finger Print Scanner, Auto Signature via Tablet Pen, Vehicle Information retrieval on the bases of VIN, Auto File Upload/Download via FTP Server, XML upload/download. Communication with Rest API, etc.
  • We not only work on given tasks but also keep an eye on the whole project and keep notifying the organization about possible enhancements which can add value to the software system.
  • We only commit the truth. It may not sound too good or maybe even a little bitter. It is only because we want to safeguard you from any kind of trouble at a later stage. We suggest you judge all vendors on parameters like “Capable, Qualitative, Think Ahead, Innovative, Serious, and Loyal” before making any hiring.
  • Conducts conference calls among stakeholders to deal with any kind of deviation in thought processes so that all disagreements can be sorted face to face.
  • Successfully implemented large-sized projects all over the world (especially USA, CAD, UK, EUROPE, AUS, NZ, UAE, and SINGAPORE) without any hassle. We are not only technically sound but also culturally seasoned to deal with people all across the world from all levels of an organization.
  • Though our primary language of communication is English, we have successfully developed software systems in Scottish, Dutch, and French with the help of Google Translate.
  • We respect the merits of local candidate availability but we assure you that our capabilities, commitment, and cost will overshadow local candidate merits.
  • Our work timings are 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM (Greenwich Mean Time). This way, we ensure our availability during your daytime for all troubleshooting, meeting, and conference calls related purposes.

Inventory Management and Production Control

Neither businesses want to lose a sale because of not having enough inventory to fill an order nor do they want to keep excess inventory that expires on the shelf leading to heavy losses. Inventory is just like cash and is subjected to pilferage. To have proper control over the right level of stock, and to check any kind of pilferage, one should have a proper control system. Here we develop great features to make a proper inventory management software.

top feature for inventory management and production control software
  • Recording information about Raw Materials, and their specifications with required Certifications.
  • Finished Products, SOP for Manufacturing, Drawings, Material requirements, and Labour Charges.
  • Group Products/Services into Categories/Sub-Categories to get proper business insight,
  • Defining Item SKU, Weight/Dimension, Units of Measurement, Item Shelf Age, Pricing, Quantity Pricing, and Taxes applicable.
  • Importing products from supplier-provided Excel files along with updated prices and product properties.
  • Generating Barcode IDs as per country rules, Printing Barcode Stickers, and Scanning Barcodes to record item movement.
  • Recording Item Location so as to make huge receiving, picking, and dispatches easier.
  • Adding Raw Material Suppliers, and generating Local Purchase Orders based on Manufacturing needs.
  • Communication with Suppliers, recording Material purchases, generating requisition, and Payments to Suppliers.
  • Registration, Certification & Licensing management of Third-Party Vendors/Job-Workers.
  • Issuance of Moulds, Machinery, and Raw Material to Third Party Job-Worker, Receiving Finished Goods, material quantity, and quality control.
  • Sub-contractor management, auto drafting of their contracts, and release of payments as per work progress.
  • Receiving Raw Materials, Quality & Quantity Verification of received material, Storage of raw material, Issuing Raw Materials to Manufacturing Job/Batch.
  • Purchase of Fuel for Heavy Machines, Bulk Purchase of Fuel, Fuel Issuance on Site, and Mileage Calculation.
  • Generate reports on Stock in Hand/Available/Booked, Delivery Forecasting, and managing returns.
  • Notifying Workshop about the quantity to be manufactured/purchased so as to have proper stock in Hand to deal with Current/Future Orders.
  • Adding Job-Work/Work-Order, its components and their drawings, its required machines and materials, planning its schedule, and allocation of work to employees.
  • Scheduling Tasks, Managing Workflows, Recording outcomes, Timesheets, and Quality Control Checks.
  • Interfacing with CNC Machines to post/retrieve data for automated tasks, and conversion of non-formatted text outcomes to structured data.
  • Develop a Mobile Interface for workers in the Field or on the Workshop Floor for easy access & entry of data.
  • Issuance of raw materials to internal stakeholders like employees, jobs, machines, and sites.
  • Recording Produced Finished Goods/Services, Calculating the Costing for an Item/Service.
  • Comparing Cost versus Price, and dashboard for Sales-Rep/Product/Machine/Employee/Client Performance Analysis.
  • Receive Items in the Warehouse for Shipment/Sales, generating Excise Duty related reports, and payment of due excise duty.
  • Payment of Sale Tax, Service Tax, or GST, as applicable only, and Claim Taxes on exemptions paid, etc.
  • Inventory Calculation, Inventory evaluation as per FIFO/LIFO/Moving-Average methods.
  • In the case of Job-Work/Project-work, defining Project Stages/Schedule, their progress monitoring, and quality control.
  • Develop systems to conduct periodic studies on long-term projects, collection of data at several event points, data analysis, and reporting of findings.
  • Exporting Financial Transactions to Standard Bookkeeping (Financial Accounting) Software like Quickbooks, PeachTree, MAS90, and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Development of a scheduling module that interfaces with MS Project. All changes made in MS Project through Drag/Drop/Stretch etc. get reflected in the main application and vice versa.
  • Development of an independent scheduling module to keep machines and operators busy as per workload.

Top Class features for Fixed Assets Management

Before making any capital expenditure (buying fixed assets like machinery), businesses seriously determine the worth of the asset and also explore the options of leasing and financing the same. After making any purchase, if machinery is not properly utilized or not properly maintained, or not protected from various risks, then a good investment turns into a bad investment. We hereby offer some features through which businesses can have proper control over plants & machinery.

Top Class features for Fixed Assets Management
  • Resource Planning, Forecasting Machine Purchase/Hire Needs, Call for quotations on Hiring/Purchasing of Machinery,
  • Managing Heavy Machines by recording their Purchase, Registration, and Insurance Related details.
  • Enter Machine Service & Maintenance related Requirements, and enter each part's tear & wear as per season conditions.
  • Allocation of Driver, Operator, and Helper to machine, and Deployment/Shifting of Machine to work sites.
  • Purchase of Fuel for Heavy Machines, Bulk Purchase of Fuel, Fuel Issuance on Site, and Mileage Calculation.
  • Issuance of Mobile Oil and other required fluids to machine, their daily cleaning & maintenance record.
  • Notify regarding renewal of Insurance & pollution compliance, deposit of road tax, and renewal of other certifications.
  • Automatically predict the due date for service requirements so as to limit the breakdown and timely service, and notify workshop & operator on due dates.
  • Ability of workshops to have proper stock of spare parts, Notify stores/workshops regarding future needs of spare parts.
  • Store and Workshop Management, Spare Part Purchase, Receiving, Issuance, and Returns management,
  • Interfacing with CNC Machines to post/retrieve data for automated tasks, and conversion of non-formatted text outcomes to structured data.
  • Hiring machines from outside, putting own machine on rent, machine allocation to job-works.
  • Automated scheduling of jobs to machines and operators as per workload to keep machines and operators busy ensuring maximum production.
  • Operator Card Punching, Machine Time-Sheets, and parts production recording.
  • Machine operating cost calculation, Machine Performance Reports, and Operator Performance Reports.

Software development for Clients and Sales Management

Every business's success is dependent on three words i.e. Sales, Sales, and Sales. The more sales you make the more successful you are. For the same, you not only need clients and delivery infrastructure but also need to raise invoices, collect payments, and retain clients. Along with maximization of Sales, businesses need to work simultaneously on maximizing profits, which is easily possible when you have a proper Sales Management Software system in place. Here we develop Sales Management Software systems having great features to help you out in fulfilling your mission.

software development for clients sales and distribution management
  • Adding Clients, their delivery locations, Project Sites, Contact Persons, Contract Details, and available Tax exemptions.
  • Record customer's DOB, Marriage Anniversary, and Photo; Wish clients on special occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Festivals.
  • Interact with clients by Email (with/without Outlook) and SMS (via GSM Phone or SMS Gateway); Use pre-drafted templates for quick communication.
  • Maintain a phone log where you can record information about the calls being made to or received from a customer.
  • Import/export contacts detail into different formats like Excel, CSV, and VCF file (compatible with google contacts).
  • Plot Customer addresses on Google Maps for Geo-analysis, and retrieval of by-road distance and map (based on longitude/latitude as well as Zip Code) for faster deliveries.
  • Generating Quotation, Applying Quick Discounts, Pricing Analysis, Quotations in form of Tenders, Quotation Printing, and emailing them right from the system.
  • Development of an online portal for vendors to provide the best pricing on the material required for a tender and accordingly finalize the price for a tender.
  • Perform complex costing for tenders in Microsoft Excel and auto-derive final pricing into the software system.
  • Generating final Contracts, automated signing of contracts, and protecting contracts from changes.
  • Adding Sale-Order/Work-Order in the system with all kinds of details like items, pricing, discounts, taxes, shipping addresses, etc.
  • Processing of Purchase Orders from Clients (Manual addition, loading from an accounting package, loading from Online portals like eBay, Amazon, etc).
  • Adding facility to conduct long-term research-based projects, adding periodic data on research, data analysis tools, and preparation of reports on findings.
  • Development of a web portal specifically for interaction with clients, and auto retrieval of sale-orders in the system as placed on online portals.
  • Prepare for Shipment, Printing Pick-lists for today, Printing Packaging Slips/Labels (Client Address, etc for Deliveries).
  • Automatic integration with courier service API to generate shipment tracking numbers online, automated fee calculation based on weight and distance, and printing of shipment stickers online for a faster delivery process.
  • Recording credit limits for clients, loan-payoff capability parameters, budget allocation to their jobs, collections, credit & budget monitoring.
  • Generating Invoices, Sending notifications to Clients about Shipments/Invoices, and Collection of pending amounts.
  • Integrates system with bank's clearance house for Automated Collection of periodic invoices.
  • Generation of various reports in the form of PDF/PPT/DOC via way of smart tag parsing and auto-emailing them to clients.
  • Pay Excise Duty, Sale Tax, Service Tax, or GST, as applicable only, and Claim Taxes on exemptions paid, etc.
  • Performance reports and analysis on the bases of Sales-Representative, Product/Item/service, Machine, Employee, Client, and Geo Region;

  • Development of a feature for After Sales Support to record customer complaints, issue ticket numbers to them, close tickets, and their quality check.
  • Exporting Financial Transaction to Standard Book Keeping (Financial Accounting) Software like Quickbooks, PeachTree, MAS90, and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Feature for running email/SMS-based marketing campaigns, importing campaign contacts data from CSV, and collection of contacts via web crawling.

Features of Employee Management System

Employee, the most important asset of an organization and the biggest contributor towards writing success stories for organizations, also deserves the kind of treatment offered to customers. It’s employee performance that affects or determines the business profits. Hence monitoring and improving their performance surely makes a positive impact on an organization's profitability. What we offer is expertise in developing software systems that can help you in managing your employees well.

better employee managment
  • An administrative section in the system to perform all administrative tasks and configure the system to give users/workstations a better experience.
  • Development of a feature to support the employee hiring process by entering candidate requirements, entering resumes, matching resumes, conducting interviews, and recording the selected profiles.
  • Addition of Employee's address/contact information, date of joining, department, title, photo, and signature in the system.
  • Record employee’s emergency contacts like spouse/parents/kids contact-number etc, blood group, any notable disease, and social security number.
  • Record marriage anniversary dates, and family members’ birthdays so that employees can be graced on special occasions.
  • Maintain employee skill set (resume, qualifications, certifications, etc.) so staff availability can be searched as per the project-skills needs.
  • Define Employee Working Hours, General Holidays, Vacations Allowed, Salary Information, Overtime Rate, and Secret Performance Reports.
  • Record the hourly sale rate of employees’ services so that quotes/invoices can be quickly generated.
  • Issuance of user-login to employees, assignment of proper Roles/Permissions for protected access to the system, and set user configurations.
  • Recording chronology of changes to data (add, modify, and delete) made by employees so as to know who made undesired changes to data, when were the changes made, from which computer, etc.
  • Generating final Contracts, automated signing of contracts, and protecting contracts from any undesired changes.
  • Automated Printing of ID-Cards, and printing of their Address Labels/Stickers,
  • Record Employee Biometric Card Punching, Attendance Time-Sheets with Over-Time, Integration of timesheet with Bio-Metric Attendance System.
  • Automated Salary Calculation, Salary Disbursement, and Subsequently Job-Cost Calculation.
  • Creating a staff duty roster and letting everybody know about their weekly shift.
  • Vacation approval system so that an alternative employee can be pre-allocated to a job when one person is on vacation.
  • Calculation of consumed vacations so that earned leaves can be paid at the end of the year.
  • Work allocation to employees as per their skill sets, availability, and workload.
  • Forecasting the need for Over-Time Hours as per workload and their engagements.
  • Recording tasks performed by an employee, revenue generated, calculation of employee performance, and Employee Promotion system.
  • Knowing the current location of the employee when jobs are performed at remote locations.
  • For remote locations, posting time sheets via excel and importing them into the main system.
  • Recording petty cash disbursement to employees and recording their petty expenses.
  • Recording traffic fines or other violations related to the business being paid by the employee.
  • Food order processing in the case when free food is offered by the organization.

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