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What Is MS Access Application Launcher?

MS Access Application Launcher is a tool that provides the facility of launching a Password Protected MS Access Application (ACCDB/ACCDE/MDB/MDE) without telling the password. It runs a pre-scan on the computer to make sure that all required prerequisites are fulfilled so that the Access App does not encounter any kind of failure/crash because of something being missing from the system. It ensures the application to launch in a well-planned and controlled manner so that everything looks professional.

Why Password Protection?

MS Access Programmers can protect their code by compiling their application (converting ACCDB to ACCDE). They can disallow undesired modifications to their data by adding a password on the backend file. What we are talking about is adding a password on Frontend File and letting it open through a launcher (without divulging the frontend's password).

Are we talking about too much of protection?

Programmers, who distribute their source code (don’t even bother about compiling the code), may question the need for password protection and may call it an undesired extra level of protection. Their policy is right too but works fine as long as they are engaged in project development. But the moment they think of developing a standard product, they must think of disallowing unwanted modification to their work (code+data).

Is there any loophole in Basic Password Protection Offered by MS Access?

MS Access Programmers can protect their code by compiling their application (converting ACCDB to ACCDE). They can disallow undesired modifications to their data by adding a password on the backend file. Only a few know that such password protection is not complete protection because the connection string of such tables (as links are available in the frontend) can expose the backend’s password. The decision of adding a password to Frontend will not work because in such a case as we have to share the frontend password with the user, without which they would not be able to operate the software.

So, the need is to have the ability to open a password-protected frontend without divulging its password to the users. What we offer is an EXE file that holds the frontend’s password and launches the frontend intrinsically.

What kind of prerequisites are checked by MS Access Application Launcher?

  • Run auto-check on the user’s computer to know if the desired version of MS Access (Access 2016 etc.) is available or not and notify the user accordingly.
  • MS Access comes in 32-Bit Version as well as 64-Bit Version, and which one is right for your computer depends on many parameters. MS Access Application Launcher auto-detects if the user’s machine needs a 32-Bit version or 64-Bit version of MS Access and suggests the download link accordingly (In case of MS Access being absent).
  • MS Access Application Launcher can launch password-protected files in the case of Access Runtime too. MS Access Application Launcher gives preference to Access Runtime because it comes for free.
  • Run auto-check regarding MS Office Security updates being available or not. Present the users with the right download links too, when such desired updates are absent.
  • Run auto-check regarding Windows Version. Suggest the user regarding the required service pack being unavailable, and presents the user with the right download link. An example of such a need can be the need for Service Pack -1 in the case of Windows-7 if your application needs Access-2016 which is not supported in plain Windows-7.
  • Check if the required Dotnet Framework is installed or Not. You may need such check if your MS Access application is using some external utilities that are developed in DotNet.
  • Check if current application folder is marked as Trusted or Not. In case, current application folder is not marked as trusted, automatically mark current folder (and all sub folders) as Trusted so that MS Access Application do not encounter trust related message.
  • Run check regarding whether your frontend/backend files are missing or not. Present user with some download link if you are hosting your files in some web space. If you are maintaining your application versions, an auto-scan can be executed regarding the latest version availability.
  • Run check if the user is trying to run a duplicate instance of the frontend file or not. If another instance is already running, present the user with the proper message.
  • Sometimes MS Access application closure fails to remove the running instance of MS Access from the task manager. MS Access Application Launcher can trace such partial closure and help the user in killing the bad instance and then launch a fresh instance.
  • Run check like Folder Name being not in order. Run check like available space in C-Drive or D-Drive being insufficient.
  • Normally, in the case of manual installation, for the first time, you can make sure that the user’s machine is in the right order as per the prerequisite requirements, but you can not always make sure that such requirements remain fulfilled always. In the case of MS Access Application Launcher, all the above-mentioned checks are performed whenever the user opens the app and this whole thing takes only a fraction of a second to run the complete verification process.

Low Investment for Professional Presentation of Your Application

Hire Microsoft Access VBA Programmer

Quite a large number of applications exist in this world that are developed in Microsoft Access VBA. Such applications are usually developed to suit business needs and they are capable to serve the purpose too. Most of such applications are quite good in serving the businesses and have grown over time to suit the changing needs.

The area where these applications suffer is the professional presentation. They are not delivered in a way professional softwares are downloaded/installed/run.

MS Access-based applications suffer frequent crashes either because of bad coding or because of underlying platforms not being in order, hence finding challenges in capturing a large market share. By investing a small amount of money in MS Access Application Launcher, you can give professional look to your application. We also give proper ICON to the Access App so that it has a distinguished identity (does not look like another excel file).

Following is the list of cost plans available for MS Access Application Launcher.

MS Access Application Launcher

600 USDs

Without Source Code
(For Single App)
Distribute Compiled Code Only

MS Access Application Launcher

2000 USDs

With Source Code
(For Single APP)
Distribute Compiled Code Only

  • Before making any purchase, it is suggested to download SampleApp and see how MS Access Application can give newer life to your App.
  • MS Access Application Launcher can be implemented in your application quickly with little programming effort.
  • You can always contact us to address your programming-related issues. We are available at quite a low hourly price.
  • The cost of any kind of programming effort made by us is exclusive of the product's base price.
  • At last, what you get is a refreshed view of your applications developed in MS Access.

Download Sample Application

  • The sample Application provided on this web page is bundled with the App Launcher and a Sample Application. Sample Application is a compiled code provided in both flavors i.e. 32-Bit and 64-Bit.
  • When you run the App Launcher, it will automatically pick the right Sample Application (32 Bit or 64-Bit) based on your MS Access flavor. If anything is missing, it will display proper messages.
  • All kind of information presented with Sample-App is changeable. When you make a purchase, you will be asked to provide your Application Name, Icon, any specific needs, etc. and App Launcher will be prepared for you accordingly.
  • If you want to have a look at a live application using such launcher, please download Billing Register from .