Benefits of Outsourcing Software Programming Work

Benefits of Outsourcing Software Programming

Many times you as a Firm hires full time employee (MS Access VBA programmer) and fully ignore the option to offshore/outsource this task. Reason may be because you do not have access to offshore programmer available for hiring, or you do not have any such awareness or have some kind of fear of loosing money/control by hiring people remotely.

But it is a known fact in the arena of internet that globe has turned flat and availability of such options is increasing day by day. Many companies are getting benefited by hiring remotely located resources and saving huge money and burdens and infect getting their business streamlined in a better way. Further, beneficiaries are not belonging to one particular segment, but companies of all sized and different industries and practices are utilizing the offshore option.


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Though there are many areas where offshoring is not feasible but programming services is one of the services which can be outsourced/offshored without any problem/risk. It has been realised that IT tasks offshoring provides better results than any onshore option in many areas like working during off hours, cheap labour, focused worker etc.

Many task can be completed during the off working hours. Requirements can be posted during the day or the end of the day which can be fulfilled during off working hours and found to be completed next day morning. Many update deliveries requires the system to be offline, which can be done easily by offshore resources without hampering the production.

The Cost Factor

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Offshoring programming can reduce down the cost to such an extent that many companies find that it is just like hiring a trainee at no pay but only bear the day-today expenses and that trainee functions exactly like an experienced developer. Our services are available between $7.5 - $18 per Hour, depending upon the experience of software engineer (2 - 24 Years). We also offer monthly plans (long term commitment) at further reduced rates. Further you need not to keep any computer for programming, buy any software, need not to pay electricity bill, need not to spare space, need not to pay internet bill etc. You also need not to pay any kind of benefits which you have to pay to your regular employee. So you need not to have any burden and also save huge money, without compromising the quality. We not only save your money, but also Guarantee you good ROI.

Hire Experts only

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In general scenario, when you develop your own team, many times you have to hire fresher and pay for their training which rarely gets converted into experiences programmers as many leave the job once they are experienced. So employee retention is a big problem for you. When you hire experienced programmer, retention problem is even bigger. Further, many times, after paying many months’ salary to an experienced developer, you realize that your programmer is just a fool and should be fired with immediate effect. Further, on top of this, you need to have big HR Department to manage these employees, that is another overhead.

Here, you only get the experienced MS Access VBA programmer, no junk stuff. We take and manage all the burdens on our side to provide you the streamlined services and also deliver such services at low cost. As there will not be any long term contract, if service is not as per your expectations, you can refuse to take our services, without adhering to situations like serving 2-months’ notice etc. We also have expertise in understanding the business process and enhancing them through IT, so you get functional domain expertise for free.

Free access to pre-built APIs/Modules

We have developed a huge collection of Pre-Built APIs/Modules which can be easily integrated into any application. This way, application can be developed quickly and you need not to pay money for the same. Otherwise Businesses, who do not outsource MS Access VBA programming, waste years of valuable tame/monay on development of such modules. Further, as these modules are pre-built, the question on quality will never arise.

If project is to be developed from scratch, we provide basic elements for free to speed up the project execution. Such elements are as below:

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  • User Login Screen
  • Automated Database Connection
  • Main Dashboard
  • System Configurations Section
  • Employee Management
  • Designations Master.
  • Email-Drafts
  • Split Backend
  • Secure Database and Application

Customer First

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Many times employer finds that its employee has his/her own kind of goals and their goals rarely synchronizes with business goals. Hence, the major sufferer because of this mismatch is your business as a Firm and your project. Many time your employee leave the project in-between or do not focus fully on the project as they have to get a better paying job. But such situation will never arise with us. We give our 100% to our project, nothing else.

For us, you as a Firm is our last destination and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. So we do our best to stay with you and do every effort to make you happy. So your project and its success are equally important for us as it is to you. We make ourselves available as the time demands, not just at the general office timings like 9:00 to 5:00. We do not complain about things like problems in cafeteria or problems with the colleague. You only get focused programmer whose ultimate goal is fulfilling your project.