Original Screenshots' Thumbnails

(Not Scaled-Down to Fit on Screen as Above)

1280X768 Viewed On 1920X1080 (No Resizing Applied)

1280X768 VIEWED ON 1920X1080
(No Resizing Applied)

1280X768 Viewed On 1920X1080 (Resized With Anchoring)

1280X768 VIEWED ON 1920X1080
(Resized With Anchoring)

1280X768 Viewed On 1920X1080 (Increased Both Width and Height)

1280X768 VIEWED ON 1920X1080
Resized with MS Access Form Resizer
(Increased Both Width and Height)

1280X768 Viewed On 1920X1080 (Increased Only Width)

1280X768 VIEWED ON 1920X1080
Resized with MS Access Form Resizer
(Increased Only Width)

1280X768 Viewed On 1920X1080 (Navigation Pane Space Left)

1280X768 VIEWED ON 1920X1080
Resized with MS Access Form Resizer
(Navigation Pane Space Left)

1280X768 Viewed On 1920X1080 (Screen Flipped)

1280X768 VIEWED ON 1080X1920
Resized with MS Access Form Resizer
(Screen Flipped)

1280X768 Viewed On 1024X768 (Screen Size Reduced)

1280X768 VIEWED ON 1024X768
Resized with MS Access Form Resizer
(Screen Size Reduced)

MS Access Form Resizer

MS Access Form Resizer is a tool that can give fresh look to your applications developed in Microsoft Access. It can make applications developed in Microsoft Access to fit well on all screen resolutions (Smaller/Bigger). It works well on both 32-Bit and 64-Bit environments. It has variety of settings that can help you with further tweaking on how you would like to show your forms.


  • Auto Fit Forms on High-Resolutions
  • Works Well on Lower-Resolutions
  • Auto Sense Screen-Resolution and DPI
  • Resize To Access-Window or Physical Screen

  • Respects Form/Images Proportions
  • Respects Anchoring Settings Applied
  • Respects Font-Size Proportion

  • Takes Ribbon Size into consideration
  • Setting to consider Navigation Pane Width
  • Settings to Render Images as Background
  • Option to Resize Form Width and Height Both
  • Resize Form's Width Only to show more Records
  • Option to Turn-Off Resizing Feature
  • Support for all Kinds of Forms/Controls
  • Resize Font/Column Width in Datasheets
  • Auto-Centers Popup Forms as desired
  • Feature to Show Popup on Full Screen

  • Easy/Quick to Implement
  • Single Function Call to Resize all Sub-Forms
  • Supports both 32-Bith and 64-Bit

  • Code for Quite-Deployment Included
  • Sample Files and Help Document Available
  • Hire us for Professional Results
  • Free Trial Version Available
  • Machine Based License for All Apps
  • App-Based Redistributable License
  • We don't change your forms’ functionality or size internally. We just auto resize the forms on the fly as per screen resolution. This helps you in automated rendering of your form to fit-well on all smaller/bigger screens without any need of internal change in functionality or form size.
  • If you want your forms’ size to change as per screen resolution and then save the forms on that newer size, that can also be done quickly with MS Access Form Resizer.
  • Many industrial machines and POS systems usually have smaller/dedicated monitors attached to them and Form Resizer also helps you in fitting your application to those small monitors. But generally, Form Resizer is used to render small sized forms on larger screens.

Low Investment for High Returns

(Free To Use For Developers)

Hire Microsoft Access VBA Programmer

Quite large number of applications exist in this world those are developed in Microsoft Access VBA. Such applications are usually developed to suit business needs and they are capable to serve the purpose too. Most of such applications are quite good in serving the businesses and have grown with passage of time to suit the changing needs.

The area where these applications could not upgrade themselves is ability to fit the forms on large screen sizes those are introduced in recent past. Such applications look quite odd and rudimentary when opened on large screens. MS Access Form Resizer is developed to address this issue. You would also be able to render your screens of Microsoft Surface pro tablets in Flipped/Portrait mode.

Following is the list of cost plans available for MS access Form Resizer.

MS Access Form Resizer

60 USDs

Buy ADD-In
Single Machine / All Apps
Best for Personal Use
Run with your ACCDB Format Files

MS Access Form Resizer

600 USDs

Buy ADD-In for ACCDB
Single App / All Machines
Best for Distribution of your App
Distribute your files in ACCDB Format

MS Access Form Resizer

2000 USDs

Buy Source Code
Single App / All Machines
Best for Distribution of your App
Distribute files in ACCDB/ACCDE Formats

  • Our licensing model is not an Instance-Based Licensing, hence brings heavy savings for our customers. You can run any number of instances.
  • MS Access Form Resizer is not just a simple resizing/repositioning tool to serve small applications but can comfortably handle professional grade applications.
  • When you make a purchase, an account is created using your email address. Account information will be sent to your email account within 24-Hours of purchase.
  • If you are planning to purchase an App-Based license, please let us know your App-Title too. App-Based License is linked to your application Title.
  • For App-Based Licensing, whenever you change Title of your application, just inform us. If you want to migrate your machine-based license, function is available to address the purpose.
  • Before making any purchase, it is suggested to download SampleApp and try how MS Access Form Riser can give newer life to your forms.
  • MS Access Form Resizer can be implemented in your application quickly with little programming effort.
  • You can always contact us to address your programming related issues. We are available at quite low hourly price.
  • At last, what you get is huge saving on cost and a refreshed view of your applications developed in MS Access.

Download Sample Application

Purpose of the Sample Application provided on this page is not to demonstrate capabilities of MS Access Form Resizer, but to help you in getting it implemented in your application. If you want to experience the capabilities of MS Access Form Resizer, please try Billing Register and see how MS Access Form Resizer can handle super large applications very well.

MS Access Form Resizer does not provide any special effect when used in form's resize-event. This feature has been curtailed down for a simple reason that we want to give you and your users an error free expreience that satisfy all practical needs (not a fancy solution meant to cater small applications).

For top-class implementation of MS Access Form-Resizer, please read the Help Document first and get yourself acquainted with Sample-Application.

If you want to experience Billing Register, it's setup is available in downloads section of www.BillingRegister.com . Though all links for all required support files have been provided in downloads section of Billing Register, but it is suggested to get Billing Register's installation done through Web-Installer (available there only) because Web-Installer will automatically download/guide you regarding all supporting files.

After Installation/Registration of Billing Register, enter default password "123" on the login screen. After that, in Billing Register's Dashboard, find a section named "General Settings >> Settings - Common For All", under which you will find a Settings Group named "System Features", under which you will find a section from where you can change settings related to Form-Resizing.

MS Access Form Resizer